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University of Miami

The Best Miami Hurricanes Apparel

Want to show off your support for your favorite South Florida college team? Get all the green and orange gear you need from our Miami Hurricanes store. From shirts to travel mugs, we've got an assortment of items that will display your pride. Select some Hurricanes apparel as a gift or to outfit your whole family.

Miami Hurricanes Shirts

In our Miami Hurricanes shop, we've got sizes that are specific to kids and adults. You'll find boys' shirts made of 100% cotton as well as adult shirts that blend polyester, cotton, and rayon. The style available for kids is more vibrant and sure to bring some attention. Whether it's a family tradition to go to games or watch them together from home, you can help kids get into the spirit of cheering on their favorite team with outstanding apparel in their size.

Miami Hurricanes Insulated Travel Cups

If you're often on the go and want a high-quality, safe way to carry around a drink, our Miami Hurricanes travel cups are a great way to do so. They’re made in the USA and don't contain any BPA. Since they're made entirely from acrylic, they can be put in the freezer and run through the dishwasher. You can carry it around work and show your pride. Better yet, you can drink from your travel cup while watching the Hurricanes play an ACC rival. Use the tumbler for hot or cold drinks at a game or at home.

Miami Hurricanes Onesies

Now, you can outfit your baby in something to show they're part of a family who loves all the Miami Hurricanes sports teams. Purchase a pack of shirts to switch out with a different background color and team accents, and your entire family can match on game days. Made of 100% cotton and easy to wash and dry, the baby jumpers with the Miami Hurricanes logo are the perfect gift for a new parent.

Check out the range of Miami Hurricanes apparel as well as other sports teams gear to let everyone know what program you support.