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Bealls Florida Fraudulent Website Communication

Protect Yourself from Potential Fraudulent Websites, ads, emails or text messages.

Ensuring your safety and security while shopping online is of paramount importance to Bealls Inc. In today's digital landscape, scammers are employing increasingly sophisticated methods to collect login credentials, payment information or other personal detail that can be used to carry out additional fraudulent activities. To safeguard your personal information and financial well-being, we urge you to remain vigilant and informed about potential threats.

Our only verified eCommerce websites are:

Other verified websites are:

Identifying and Avoiding Scams

Scammers are continuously adapting their tactics, leveraging new technologies, and changing their strategies to evade detection. We are working diligently to shut down these scam sites and ads but wanted you to be aware of them.

Please beware of a widespread brand impersonation scam campaign targeting unsuspecting customers of popular brands and retailers. Scammers are creating fake websites that resemble the known brand website to trick shoppers into making purchases. Instead of delivering the promised products, they either ship low-quality knockoffs or never send anything.

Tips for a Secure Experience:

Trust Verified Channels: When seeking assistance, support, or making changes to your account, use our official websites.

Stay Alert to Urgency Claims: Scammers often create false urgency to coerce immediate action. Exercise caution whenever you feel pressured to act quickly.

Verify Links Thoroughly: Our legitimate website URLs contain our brand name. Always access our official website directly for assistance with orders, account updates, or inquiries.

Look for secured websites: Our websites will appear with a lock to the left of the URL. A combination of the lock and the correct URL is the key to not getting duped. After clicking on an ad or link, double-check the URL to ensure its authenticity.

For our privacy & security policy click here to visit /privacy-security.