R.M. Bealls FAQs

Our founder R.M. Beall had a goal of bringing quality and value to the people of Florida. With his vision in mind, we are trying out a new strategy so that you can always find the products you love at consistent prices you can count on. To keep our pricing this low, we will no longer offer Email or Direct mail Savings, Coupons, nor Bealls Bucks at our R.M. Bealls stores. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience without having to calculate what the actual price is for a product. Pricing will only change on products once they go on Clearance or if a vendor changes their pricing.

This idea and concept have been in the works for some time. We selected the best Stores we felt will be successful with this change.

Bealls Outlet is our off-price retailer, similar to T.J. Maxx or Ross. Bealls Outlet has their own buyers purchasing off-price merchandise and a different variety of products. R.M. Bealls will carry the same great brands and styles that we carry at our Bealls Stores, but at a consistent, lower cost for you.

Bealls Stores, will continue to have sales events. Sometimes there will be special deals on items and they will be temporarily lower than our already low prices at R.M. Bealls Stores. Keep in mind that we cannot honor Bealls Stores pricing nor can we price match. They have different pricing than we do. Theirs changes with different events, ours does not.

No, R.M. Bealls Stores are not affiliated with the BeallsFlorida.com online ordering process. If you order from BeallsFlorida.com, you can have it shipped to your local Bealls store or have it delivered to your home.

No, R.M. Bealls doesn’t currently have a website. Pricing in R. M. Bealls stores is not available at BeallsFlorida.com.

BeallsFlorida.com will on occasion send out emails regarding upcoming sales and events for R. M. Bealls stores. These may be for our online customers exclusively and are valid only in our R.M. Bealls stores.

If you are unsubscribing from R. M. Bealls Sales Alert emails, you will be automatically subscribed to Bealls Florida Sales Alerts emails.

Click here to unsubscribe from R. M Bealls.

The price lookup function offered by the kiosk is not required since the store is not promotional. All prices will be what they are ticketed. Pricing in R.M. Bealls store is not available at BeallsFlorida.com.

Yes! All new Bealls Florida credit card members will receive the 20% off on any purchases made on the day they open the account. Bealls Florida Credit Cards are accepted at our Bealls Stores and R.M. Bealls stores.

Yes! The Bealls Florida Credit Card is honored at our R. M. Bealls Stores. You will continue earning double points for Coast2Coast Rewards when you use your Bealls Florida Credit Card at either location!

Yes! The Bealls Florida gift cards can be purchased and redeemed at both our Bealls stores and R.M. Bealls stores. Bealls Inc. gift cards may also be redeemed at R.M. Bealls stores. Bealls Outlet gift cards are NOT accepted at R.M. Bealls stores.

Yes! We accept Bealls Stores Merchandise Return Credit Cards (MCR’s) and gift cards which can be applied to your purchase at either the Bealls Stores or R.M. Bealls stores. Bealls Outlet Merchandise Return Credit Cards are NOT accepted at R.M. Bealls stores.

Yes! The R. M. Bealls Store carries the same merchandise as our Bealls Stores (Selection may vary by location). You can make returns at either store. Please keep in mind you will only receive a refund on what you paid, even if the price is different at the Bealls Store or R.M. Bealls.

In order to give you the most competitive pricing possible, we will not be honoring Bealls Bucks or coupons at R.M. Bealls locations. The last week to redeem Bealls Bucks or use savings coupons at R.M. Bealls locations was September 8th-14th.