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Lea’s passion for art and drawing is inspired by the world around her. Equipped with nothing but her Bic® #2 mechanical pencil, Lea spends up to 40 hours on each drawing and loves to get lost in her art. She feels blessed by the opportunity to share her talent with the world, which fuels her passion to give back to her community.

Growing up in Bradenton, FL, Lea used drawing as her creative outlet. You may find it hard to believe, but Lea didn’t attend art school, instead she chose to make the “pragmatic” decision to study Finance at USF; however, her love for art remained. As her children grew, Lea found herself with more quiet time and she began to sketch again. When a few of these pieces made their way to Facebook, Lea’s friend Matt Beall realized what an incredible talent she was. The rest is history!

Lea has fallen in love with art again and enjoys spending her days telling new stories through her drawings.  Along with her incredible art, Lea’s kind, giving spirit continues to be the reason that the Beall’s team loves working with her. Lea’s dedication, passion, and talent are simply inspiring.

 “Everything has a story, I want to bring that story to life!” -Linnea Szymanski

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