Kids' Swimwear

Let’s face it – when it’s warm outside, kids want to play, run and get wet. In the sprinklers, in the pool and in the ocean. This means they need quality kids’ swimwear that will stand up to the tests of the warm spring and summer months – if not all year round.

But what fit last year (or even last month), may not work for your child or grandchild today. As your one-stop shop for all things kids’ beachwear, has exactly what you need to see you through the seasons.

Here are some tips for making the most out of shopping for kids’ swimwear:

Ensure the right fit
Kids can grow like weeds and the swimsuit that fit a couple of months ago may not work for what you need right now. Buy for today – and then plan for the future. The worst thing is too-small, too-tight kids’ beachwear. A too-tight swimsuit can irritate or chafe the skin, while one that is too large doesn’t look good and can make swimming or participating in water sports difficult. To get the right fit, have your child reach upward, turn from side to side, run in place, bend over and sit down. That way you can assess whether anything rides up, is restrictive or is uncomfortable.

Buy one size larger
Some manufacturers may make kids’ swimwear a bit on the small size. Once you become familiar with a specific brand, you’ll be able to better gauge proper sizing.

Choosing boys’ swimsuits
Boys can often be easier to buy for with kids’ beachwear than girls. A simple pair of drawstring swim trunks will usually do.

Think adjustable straps for girls
Young girls’ bodies may grow in many ways. In selecting kids’ swimwear for young girls, consider how the swimsuit straps can be adjusted. The best fit is when you can slip a thumb between the strap and the shoulder to ensure the suit is not too tight or too loose.

Make this the best spring and summer yet with a wide range of kids’ swimwear and beachwear made in the USA at