Shoes for Men

As an essential part of your wardrobe, men's shoes should offer plenty of comfort, support, and protection. Plus, the style should match your lifestyle and personal preferences. Luckily, our collection of shoes for men includes everything from fashionable athletic sneakers and boat shoes to boots, slippers, and more.

Men's Athletic Shoes

One of the most popular options for men is athletic shoes. Athletic footwear comes equipped with features like arch support, breathable fabric, cushioned soles, and shock absorption so that your sneakers can help you perform when exercising or playing sports.

Men's Boat Shoes

Men’s boat shoes are another stylish footwear option. Check out office-friendly designs made with leather, or go casual with canvas material. Bealls carries boat shoes from recognized brands like Sperry, Dockers, and more.

Men's Boots

Whether it’s for winter weather, work, hiking, or just a style choice, boots are a versatile option that every man should have in his closet. Figure out what features are most important to you, and shop accordingly. For example, your job may require an extra layer of foot protection, which is when steel-toe options are a great choice.

Men's Loafers

Men’s loafers offer both comfort and versatility. You can find loafers suitable for a professional business environment thanks to their neutral color and sleek design. Or, you can find loafers suitable for running errands thanks to cushioned insoles and sturdy, slip-resistant outsoles.

Men's Slippers

Footwear isn’t just about shoes you wear out of the house. Many people like to toss footwear on when spending time at home, too, which is when slippers come into play. Bealls has men’s slippers that come lined with faux fur and other soft materials for extra warmth. There are also designs featuring plaid, camo, and other stylish patterns.

Men's Oxfords

Men’s Oxfords are a great go-to if you're working in the office or attending a semi-formal event. With a professional look and added comfort features like memory foam and traction control, they’re a versatile footwear choice that's important to include in your wardrobe.

Men's Sandals and Flip-Flops

With a seemingly endless amount of men’s footwear options, you can’t skip over men's sandals and flip-flops. Browse through clogs, slip-on sandals, thong sandals, and much more to find your favorite pair.

If you’re shopping for footwear, check out our collection of men's shoes today!