With the trademark Florida summer, you can guarantee two things: there’s always fun to be had in the sun, and it’s always going to be hot, hot, hot. Our muggy climate is a great motivator for ocean swims and relaxing by the pool. Nothing complements a hot day quite like a cool, refreshing drink, but keeping drinks cold on the go can be challenging. Lugging a big crate-like cooler around shouldn’t be your go-to solution. Every situation has a smart alternative if you shop at the right place. At Bealls Florida we understand coolers, and have the perfect drink-preserver for any trip or locale. For the best selection of rolling coolers, beach coolers, and patio coolers, Bealls Florida is the only choice.

When you’re tailgating, boating, or otherwise adventuring with your family, lugging a heavy cooler around is the last thing you want to do. Step up your refreshment game with one of Bealls Florida’s innovative rolling coolers, designed like sturdy luggage for durability and ease of transport. Many rolling coolers are adorned with trendy prints to go along with any beach ware, and measure at least 16” wide so you can pack in drinks for the whole family. With a rolling cooler you have nothing to worry about – the handles are sturdy and the wheels are built to last.

For a day at the beach when wheels simply aren’t an option, pack your drinks in beach coolers for convenient transport. Many beach coolers are completely collapsible, like this cooler featuring stunning artwork by local artist Leoma Lovegrove. We also stock sleek patio coolers and party stations for outdoor events and classy patio soirées. Patio coolers like this party tub and wine rack combo add an elegant element to your outdoor drink storage. Whatever you fancy, upgrade your cooler selection and enjoy the Florida heat without breaking a sweat. Save big on great coolers at Bealls Florida.