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In Florida, it's always swimsuit season. Whether you're out on the water, on a board, or just want to look good on the beach, wearing the right swimwear is important. Here are some ideas for choosing the perfect fit in swimwear.


  • Consider the Torso
    If you're looking to buy a one-piece or tankini top, choose a suit where the torso is smooth and flat. Disregard any suit that is too tight or too baggy in the torso or that pulls at the seams.
  • Don't Forget Legs
    A proper fit for a swimsuit's leg opening is one where the material is not digging into your leg – both for comfort and for aesthetics. Additionally, be sure to check the rear view to make sure the material is not too skimpy nor is it too baggy. If the suit is not fitting properly in the legs, you may need to go up or down in size.
  • Shoulder Straps Matter, Too
    A suit's shoulder straps should allow you to comfortably move, swim, and play with the kids without having to stop and readjust your swimsuit. Simulate digging in the sand, unloading the car or a couple of swim strokes to see how the suit holds up. If you have a large bust, an additional concern is support and your suit's ability to provide proper coverage while not painfully digging into your shoulders.


  • Go for Patterns
    If you like patterns, go for it on the beach. Or stay neutral with a solid color.
  • Fit is Everything
    Like buying a women's suit, you want to make sure the leg openings, the waist, the back and front all fit properly.


  • Let Them Move
    The same rules apply for adults as for kids. Not too tight, not too loose. And since the little ones will be swimming, digging, playing and running around, make sure that your boys and girls have room to move comfortably.

At Bealls, we’re the experts on swimwear – and all things beach related. Whether you purchase a swimsuit in store or online, you can count on our knowledgeable sales team and customer service representatives to help you find the perfect suit for you.

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