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No one can keep a Florida woman down. We’re always on the go, whether working hard or playing hard. When you work out, you need women’s workout clothes that are built to last and maintain formfitting comfort. And unlike any generic t-shirt and shorts combo, your women’s workout clothes should be daring, and fashionable enough to swing by the office or grab coffee after you hit the track or the gym. Don’t fret about choosing between practical workout gear or forward-thinking fashion-conscious exercise clothes. Do both. Do Bealls Florida. Our women’s workout clothes are designed by the top kinesthetic engineers in the business. They’re optimized for maximum cardio performance while being able to handle sweat without losing shape or breathability.

We also stay ahead of the curve. The current trend of athleisure wear – athletic workout clothes that also look great for most any occasion – is here to stay, so be sure to check out our active tops and bottoms that this Calvin Klein top that oozes color, class, and confidence while also being a great fit for the gym. You’re a tough woman. Your workout clothes should be tough, too.

Don’t be duped into buying flimsy, logo-crowded and expensive women’s workout clothes from “boutique” stores that charge hundreds of dollars for sports bras. You can shop for quality and still shop smart. Where? Bealls Florida, of course. Our pieces are on the cutting edge of utility and comfort while coming at a fraction of the cost of typical women’s workout clothes retailers. Take these fitted, dynamic workout shorts from Champion, which sell here for under $20! That’s the kind of deals our Florida ladies are used to getting. We’ll take care of you at Bealls Florida, so you can spend more time taking care of yourself in the finest women’s workout clothes.