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They call it fun-size for a reason. At Bealls Florida we have dresses that fit every kind of woman, and our selection of petite dresses can’t be beat. To truly capture the good vibrations of Florida fun our petite casual dresses are packed with a punch – the strong, ornate designs are flourished with deep dyes to make the colors pop and practically jump off the fabric. Petite dresses can flatter your figure with all the allure of any kind of dress, and Bealls Florida stocks the right brands to keep you looking classy, courageous, or carefree depending on the mood and occasion.

We know you’re a woman with a full life, and petite casual dresses should exude a multilayered sensibility while being chic and cute. Just because you’re junior-sized doesn’t mean your dresses should look like they’re styled for the junior crowd. Petite dresses are still glamorous and exciting wardrobe staples for the modern woman, especially in the coastal climate where work hard, play hard is a motto for life. As always, we believe great deals are the way for you to get the most out of your shopping experience – this paisley scarf print dress may turn the heads of the fellas at the company barbeque, but you won’t have to skimp on accessories to afford it. At 40% off to start, it goes to show how many great deals can be had for quality petite dresses.

When you want to dazzle and really make a statement at your next soiree with the ladies or at your next cocktail party at work, stay fierce and completely captivating with our sexy and elegant collection of petite evening dresses. The other gals can gossip about how much they spent on their drab and forgettable get-ups while you stun them with a fabulous body contour piece from our petite formal dresses and have enough extra cash to pick up the bill. That’s Bealls Florida. Quality without the calamity of high prices.