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Some people love to strut their stuff in the latest bathing suit fashions, while others are happy finding a practical suit from last year to wear to the pool. If you’re in the first group, the key to updating your swimsuit is to look for options. And nothing is better for mixing and matching swimwear than a bikini or tankini.

Look through your drawers and see what you can update, replace or switch out. Consider a solid-color bottom paired with a contrasting colored top, combining complimentary patterns, or perhaps, a flashy rash guard with an enviable polka-dot bikini underneath.

It’s more about the attitude and your willingness to play with beach fashion than your figure type. Anyone can look good when they feel comfortable in a suit that allows them to express their personality, lets them move comfortably, is flattering and makes them feel terrific.

The good news is that it’s easy to mix and match swimwear. Most retailers no longer sell sets of matching suits – it’s all about the individual pieces. This offers you more choices as you can have one or two solid bottom pieces and then more colored tops to create a season’s worth of stylish bathing suits.

Because one size does not fit all – you may be bigger or smaller on the top or the bottom – start by taking your measurements. That will help you properly fit the building blocks of your bathing suit. Often, swimwear sizes run smaller than regular clothing; so don't be surprised if you find you’re looking at a larger bathing suit size. It’s all relative, and what matters most feeling confident and comfortable!

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