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We all love our linens, and the right beach towel can make the difference between a comfortable day on the water or in the pool, or an uncomfortable wet experience. Soft, absorbent and large towels are the best choices when it comes to finding the perfect towel. Here’s what to look for when you’re shopping for a beach or pool towel.

  • Towel Size
    No one wants to go to the beach carrying a glorified hand towel. You need something to stretch out on, to serve as a temporary wrap walking along the sand, or a heavy-duty towel to dry off after cooling off in the water. Beach towels range from the standard 30'' W x 60'' L to what some call beach blankets.
  • Materials
    Just like sheet thread count, not all towels are made alike. They can range from cheap, flimsy towels, and luxury velour-textured towels. When comparing costs over performance, it’s important to consider how you’re going to use the towel. Is it your go-to, on-the-beach towel or simply something you’ll dry off with after a dip in the pool? Most towels with popular designs printed on them are the velour type.
  • Woven or Printed Towels?
    Beach and pool towels with woven designs are known in bath stores as "jacquard" towels. Because the design is imbedded in the towel – rather than printed on top of the fabric – these towels tend to be thicker, larger and more absorbent. Printed towels are similar to silkscreened t-shirts. They are less expensive than the jacquard towels, and are also less absorbent.
  • Understanding Print Quality
    If you do opt for printed beach towels, it’s important to understand that the image may not last through multiple uses at the beach or washings. When you buy towels from a reputable retailer such as Bealls, you know you have a full satisfaction guaranteed return policy that if anything does not meet your standards, you may return it. No questions asked.

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