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Girls' Clothing

Today’s girl’s clothing is fashion-forward, reflective of what the day’s pop music and movie stars pose in for photos, and following what all the fashion magazines recommend. Exactly reflecting what you were wearing when you were a young lady! No matter what the girl’s size, Bealls offers a variety of clothing options to choose from – shirts, sweaters, shorts, pants, skirts and dresses – in any number of styles, colors and fabrics.

Insist on fit. As with adult women, fit is what matters most with girls’ and young women’s clothing. Anything too tight or too baggy will not be as flattering as a garment that fits just so. As girls grow and mature at different times, it can be challenging to keep up with measuring and adjusting clothing. However, it will be well worth the work.

Understand your girl. Some may prefer skirts, dresses and blouses in shades of pink, purple and pastels. Others may like jeans, capris, shorts, athletic gear, t-shirts and hoodies. And other girls may mix it up with a combination of styles, brands, colors and textures.

When shopping for girls’ clothing, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Take stock. While girls tend to enjoy having as many items of clothing as possible, your budget or desire to do extra loads of laundry may limit what new pieces you purchase.
  • Choose styles appropriate for the occasion and activity. Some schools may have dress codes or uniforms, so shorts and tank tops may not be allowed. If your girl is athletic or enjoys participating in after school sports, then athletic tops, hoodies and stretchy leggings may be most comfortable.
  • Let her make her own choices. Pre-schoolers can have preferences; however, they’re rarely the clothing decision makers. Older girls can – and should be encouraged – to shop for clothes that are flattering, within budget and make them feel good.
  • Take advantage of sales. Keep your eyes out for online bargains, circulars in the mail and regular sales throughout the year. Email alerts from your favorite retailers can give you a head’s up for upcoming sales.

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