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The Key to Your Perfect Beach Bag at Bealls Florida -
Just about every woman needs a large beach bag for the summer. It’s the all-purpose place to store your sunscreen, bathing suit, cover-up, a cute pair of sandals, cell phone, and all those other essentials you carry in your everyday purse.

When hitting the beach, you may want to include a beach towel in your beach bag and perhaps something to read. For your day of sunning, you may also want to bring a beach chair and perhaps an umbrella.

A major part of a day at the beach is to pack some snacks for everyone to enjoy. This can be included in your beach bag as well as in a cooler. Think what you and your friends or family enjoy – fruits and vegetables, dips and chips, sandwiches, and water and soda.

Wondering how to pack your beach bag? Start by putting the towels at the bottom. Then you can start layering extra things on top such as sunscreen, water bottles, your wallet and snacks

The real beauty of large beach bags is that they look fabulous at all times and yet conceal everything you want it to. From accessories and a change of shoes to toys or extra kids’ clothes, all anyone sees is your exceptionally stylish beach bag.

So now, take out your towel, stake your beach umbrella in the sand, set up your beach chairs and enjoy your day in the sun.

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