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Big & Tall

It can be a challenge to find big and tall men’s clothing. The local retail stores offer XXL, but perhaps not the variety or styles that some men desire. The clothes may be large and long enough, however, they may not fit properly in the neck and arms, waist or legs. Not being able to find an affordable retailer who specializes in big and tall clothing gives big and tall men limited options in their wardrobe. Thankfully Bealls has the answer.

Larger Size Shirts
Many retailers carry trousers with larger waists, as well as accompanying belts. However, standard, off-the-rack shirts do not properly fit big and tall men. Larger men need shirts with larger neck sizes, plenty of room for arm and shoulder movement and enough length to tuck into a pair of trousers. A specialty retailer such as can help the big and tall man find whatever he needs.

The Difference Between Big and Tall
It’s important not to confuse the terms “big” and “tall.” Men have different physiques. You may be heavier than the average size, but not tall. You could be larger in chest, waist and hip size. In clothing sizes, that is a “big” man. Tall men, who are 6’2” and over, may have longer legs compared to their torsos. So they may need higher-rise trousers.

When shopping for big and tall men’s clothing, look for a "T" size, which signifies tall and means the dress or t-shirt is longer than a standard-sized shirt. Another size indicator is to look for XL-plus depending on the man’s size and weight.

Easy to Find the Right Fit
Just like finding petite clothes for women, it can be challenging to finding big and tall clothing for men. Thankfully, makes the process easy. Simply browse our comprehensive selection of big and tall clothing, and try items on in the privacy of your home. Or stop by one of our stores for a personalized fit. If for any reason you are displeased, simply call our customer service representatives for a refund.

You can find a wide range of big and tall men’s clothing at